Oct 4, 2012

Indoor Boating in the Glass Corridor

Floyd Tunson's Haitian Dream Boats and Adrift installation, 1991/2012.

The museum staff and local artist Floyd D. Tunson are getting started early on the upcoming exhibition, Floyd D. Tunson: Son of Pop. Although the exhibit does not open until later this month, you can get a sneak peek at Tunson's style. Haitian Dream Boats in the Glass Corridor is just a sliver of Son of Pop, an huge exhibition that will take up the entire second floor!

Much of Tunson's work has socio-political commentary, and this piece especially focuses on Haitian refugees. Here's the artist statement for the piece:
Long before the recent acceleration of the Haitian refugee situation, I became intrigued by the form - the clean lines and sensual curves - of canoes and other simple boats.  In constructing several models, I experimented with cardboard and different woods.  In so doing, I was struck by the strength of the beauty of the shape but the weakness of the vessel as a habitat for humans on rough seas.  Then - voila - the news was filled with indelible images of Haitian refugees hanging from boats, risking everything to escape poverty and political persecution.  This piece is a tribute to the many lost at sea and the many still lost in their own land. 

The short film above is from the Cannes Film Festival about the plight of Haitian refugees in the modern age.


Fri., Oct 26 | 5-7p

This FAC Members-only event will include a special presentation by artist Floyd D. Tunson and Museum Director Blake Milteer. Not a member? Become a FAC Member and get free admission to the museum, invitations to exclusive events, discounts and more.

Floyd D. Tunson: Son of Pop
Oct. 27 - Jan. 20

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