Nov 27, 2012

Actor Spotlight: Evan Lennon from 'A Christmas Story'

Ralphie Parker (played by Evan Lennon) with the infamous Red Ryder BB gun.

Evan Lennon, who plays nine-year-old, BB-gun wanting Ralphie Parker in our Theatre Company's production of A Christmas Story is no stranger to the stage. This is his fourth production at the FAC (All My Sons, Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and Gypsy) as well as a smattering of other shows at his middle school and at Colorado College. We were able to catch up with Lennon between rehearsals, and ask him a few questions.

Do you relate to Ralphie?

A little bit because there’s always that one thing you want for Christmas. For example, last year I really wanted an iPod for Christmas really, REALLY bad. But Ralphie's all quiet, and I’m not quiet at all. So I’m not like him in that way, but I’m like him in a lot of other ways. I focus on that one thing [the way he focuses on the Red Ryder BB gun]. And I’m not disrespectful to my parents. We’re similar in those ways.


Have you seen A Christmas Story before?

It’s kind of a tradition for us to watch it every year so it’s one of my favorite movies ever. It’s such a privilege to play this role.


How did you feel when you found out you got the main role of Ralphie?

I was so excited when I heard that they were doing it here. When I heard I got Ralphie, I freaked out! It was so awesome. And the day that I figured out that I got it, I bought the script and I read it all.


Ralphie Parker, played by Peter Billingsley in the film, and now by Evan Lennon for our stage production.


What do you hope people take away from your performance as Ralphie?

[My favorite holiday movie] is probably A Christmas Story. But the hard part is when people come in here, they expect to see certain things they see in the movie, so I want to give them those certain things, but I don’t want to totally copy the movie. I don’t want to do the same exact thing so I haven’t watched the movie so I’m just trying to be my own [Ralphie] in some ways but give the exact same remark they want to see when they come in and see this.


Evan Lennon

So what is your Red Ryder BB Gun?

For this Christmas, I really want a remote controlled airplane. One of those ones that goes like, 100 miles an hour!

Come see the young FAC veteran in the starring role of Ralphie, opening this week as part of our Silver Season of Theatre!

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