Nov 1, 2012

Dig Deeper: Writing about 'Son of Pop'

Writing is a powerful tool, helping us to reflect and engage more deeply with a subject matter. In our latest exhibition, Floyd D. Tunson: Son of Pop, we encourage you to dig deeper, and engage with themes addressed in Tunson's art.

Below are a series of works from Son of Pop; dig deeper by writing a poem or short story in response to one of these pieces (or if a piece not included here inspires you, let us know its title). We would love for you to share your response by submitting it in the comments section of this blog.

Here are some ideas to help spark your writing:

  • Write a free verse poem in the voice of the person or object
  • Write a short story inspired by the people and object
  • Write a dialog between yourself and the artist; the subject and the artist; or you and the subject. 
  • Reflect on the feelings this work invokes. What is it about the piece that inspires these feelings? 

Haitian Dream Boats and Adrift, 1991/2012. Mixed media. Image courtesy of the artist.

Pop-Up Rodeo, 1990. Acrylic on plywood. Image courtesy of the artist.

Untitled #108, 2003. Acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist.

Delta Queen, 1994-96. Mixed media. Image courtesy of the artist.

Othar 1, 2001. Graphite on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist.
(Left) Synchro-Mesh 4, (right) Synchro-Mesh 11. 1997, mixed media. Images courtesy of the artist.
Blind Lady, 1985-86. Graphite on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist.

Dig Deeper: Take a Guided Tour
Choose from a variety of tour programs or have a custom designed tour, available for adult and student groups. Students can engage in additional writing activities during a Journey Into Writing tour. Contact us to help you plan your visit: 719.476.2444 or


Anonymous said...
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Joy said...

Haitian DreamBoats

Makeshift, fragile
Paddle, hope, paddle, pray
What does the future hold for me?

Anonymous said...

Delta Queen

Weathered, worn
Resting, loving, feeling
Comfort of others

Dottie said...

Haitian Dreamboats

I found myself thrown out of the boat, swimming to freedom in the dark.
I could hardly see the shore - the waves kept working against me.
I was tired, hungry, but willing to push onward in order to escape.