Feb 27, 2013

5 Facts about Wine Glass Company, Riedel

The 2013 Wine Festival of Colorado Springs is kicking off with an event right at the FAC, "The Right Wine, But Is It the Right Glass?" in conjunction with wine glass producer, Riedel. Riedel has a long history, producing stemware in Europe since 1756. The company has been in the same family for 11, going on 12 generations.

1) They don't brand their stemware, so you won't see any stamp, engraving of any kind on a genuine Riedel wine glass.

2) Riedel was the first to develop "grape-specific glassware," meaning the particular shape of each glass is designed to increase the taste of the wine's bouquet, texture, flavor and finish.

Here is a selection of Riedel glasses for red wine (image source).

3) These glasses are dishwasher safe!

No broken stems here! (image source)

4) Since 1674, they have used a special type of glass called "lead crystal," which is when lead oxide is added to the glass. Don't worry, this lead is not poisonous, as the lead's molecular composition in the glass has no chance of leaching into your system.

The lead oxide molecule that will definitely not leak
into your system, don't worry! But it certainly makes
for pretty stemware (image source).

5) Everything is hand blown by Austrian master glassmakers.

(image source)

Here's a short documentary on Riedel:

Wine Fest horiz
Wine Festival of Colorado Springs
March 7 - 9

The Right Wine, But Is It the Right Glass?
Thurs., March 7, 5:30 p.m. | FAC
$75 — Invite your Friends on Facebook
Seminar will feature Riedel hosting a wine and glass experience. Participants will taste how dramatically different the same wine tastes from different glasses and how it tastes best from a glass specifically designed for the wine. Each attendee will receive four wine samples and a set of four Riedel Vinum XL wine glasses, a $138 value! Tickets.

For a complete listing of events, please click here and go to Tickets + Events. 

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