Feb 7, 2013

Van Briggle Pottery

The FAC houses an impressive amount of Van Briggle pottery, and the last time we had a full-scale exhibition was in 1975! You can view a small glimpse of the collection in the hallway leading to the security corridor. A challenge for a Van Briggle collector is identifying the validity of the pieces, as Van Briggle signage (found on the underside of the pots) is inconsistent through the years of production.

Here's a glimpse into Van Briggle history via PPLD's Photograph Archives:

Artus Van Briggle, founder of Van Briggle Pottery.
Artus moved to Colorado Springs from Ohio due to
his worsening tuberculosis condition.
A Van Briggle Master Potter, Ambrose Schlegel,
works at the wheel. Schlegel worked there from
Postcard featuring the Van Briggle Pottery, located on Uintah St. This building opened in 1908 to commemorate Artus' death, which occurred 4 years earlier. Colorado College has owned this building since 1968. The freeway was even re-routed just for the sake of this building!

Artus' wife, Anne Van Briggle, who collaborated on
designs and helped create pottery. Artus died at age 35,
and Anne re-married and sold the Van Briggle
company and moved to Denver to pursue painting.
A detail of the Van Briggle pottery building.
It is now a historical landmark, noted for its special
ceramic-laced facade.

Men tending to the furnace in the Van Briggle Potter building.

 Samples of Van Briggle pottery from the FAC's Permanent Collection

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