Mar 7, 2013

By the Numbers: Insurance Company + Art Collection?

Nathaniel Parsons, Sparrow River, 2009, mixed media on panel.



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You may know Progressive Insurance Company from their television ads featuring Flo, but behind Flo's bubbly personality and their insurance coverage is a stunning art collection. Listed on Forbes list of the World's Best Corporate Art Collections, the Progressive Art Collection has come to the FAC! This 7,800 strong contemporary art collection is on display in Progressive insurance offices nationwide to promote creativity and discussion.

"Sometimes joyous, sometimes heartbreaking, these works demonstrate the power of art to question, teach, urge us to take risks, and ultimately help us grow."

—Joy Armstrong, FAC Assistant Curator

1974 year collection started under Peter B. Lewis
7,800 approx. number of pieces in the Progressive Collection
27,000 number of employees in Progressive offices
250 average number of purchases/addition to collection per year
175 number of submissions to annual Progressive Employee Art Show

For more information on the collection, check out this interview with Progressive Collection curator, H. Scott Westover, at Cool Cleveland.

families horiz

A Family Affair: Selections from the Progressive Art Collection
Feb. 23 - May 19

Mother: Photographs by Carol S. Dass
Feb. 23 - May 19

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