Mar 5, 2013

NEW Acquisition: Rita Zimmerman's "Drowning Boy"

Rita Zimmerman, Drowning Boy, 2008, oil on linen. Gift of the artist.

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This local painter gifted us her 2008 painting, "Drowning Boy" after her appearance in two exhibitions from the FAC Modern in 2007. Rita Zimmerman has had exhibitions in some pretty far away places, such as Berlin, Tel Aviv, Paris; she has also exhibited close by in Pueblo, and midwestern states. 

Zimmerman, a former local artist currently residing in Israel, is acclaimed for her painterly style and focus on the humanity of her portrait subjects. Although some of her works are abstract, they are nonetheless based in realism and romanticism.

"I am so close to my paintings that I am surprised to hear comments describing them as intense, provocative, or disturbing. Though I find them beautiful...The images are elusive as they emerge, and stopping at the right time is critical. I love the struggle."

—Rita Zimmerman

Rita Zimmerman, Owl, solid maple
Italian hand made gesso, oil
(image source).

Past FAC President Michael de Marsche said of Zimmerman and the other featured artists of the 2007 FAC Modern exhibition, Spring Forward: Four Colorado Artists:

"I wanted artists who describe realities laden with mystery -- scenes that ask questions about our very existence and how we perceive that existence... in essence, all [the artists] have one thing in common: they all ask deeply probing questions of the human condition."

—Michael de Marsche

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