Oct 1, 2013

Take your camera skills to the next level at Bemis

Portrait Lighting Flash 202
Saturday Workshop
Nov. 2 and 9
You may not realize that one of the photography instructors at Bemis School of Art is an award-winning photographer and author of three photography lighting books (available wherever photography books are sold).  Allison Earnest teaches a variety of photographic classes, ranging from Digital SLR 10 and beginning small hot-shoe flash photography.  She will be offering a mini-lighting workshop: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 2 and 9.

Since the onset of digital photography, many people are picking up photography not only as a hobby, but a way to earn a little extra income by photographing portraits. One way you can stand out from others who take portraits is to learn the proven techniques presented in Allison’s books "Sculpting with Light®: Techniques for Portrait Photographers and Light Modifiers."

In the workshop, you will learn how to use your external flash(s) to light and sculpt portraits, posing for men and women using live models.  Additionally, you will learn how to control your flash exposure for predictable and consistent indoor and outdoor portraits or weddings for that matter.  A workshop you do not want to miss.  Sign up today as space is limited. Call 719-475-2444 or click here

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