Feb 10, 2014

So, how do you get your work in a museum without dying?

The provocative title "Aside from death, how do I get my work in a museum?" drew several local artists who see museums as not only credential builders that can increase the value of their work, but also a safe archival storage places that could rescue their works from ending up at Goodwill.

Our panel of experts included: (Blake Milteer, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's curator and museum director; local artist Pard Morrison; Liz Szabo, interim curator at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center; and Michael Howell, the FAC's collections manager and registrar.)

Among their recommendations:
- Get out there. Get your work in commercial galleries. Get attention from the media.
- Get your work in private collections.
- Network with your friends and former artists.
- Get a formal art education.
- Before you pitch to a museum, know their focus and how your work might fit into their collections. Never show up without an appointment.
- Create art that's beautiful and/or provocative.
- Get a collector to donate your work to the museum.

FAC's Education Director Tara Thomas moderated the Saturday morning event, which has been part of a series of art-related panels produced jointly with the FAC and the Mantiou Arts Center.

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