Jun 25, 2014

Spotlight: Andy Tirado

Below is an excerpt of a post from artist Andy Tirado's blog ruminating on the process of naming a piece. 
Come see Andy Tirado's show "Open" at the FAC. Runs through September 28th, 2014.

The Art of the Title (2/9/13) 
                         "Well, I did it.  I titled my first finished sculpture, completed late in 2012.  It wasn’t any easier than naming a child, and what added to the difficulty was the fact that, unlike a child, one needn’t name their artwork...
The title could be flat-footed, dry, and to-the-point – descriptive of the work but not adding anything more, such as titling a painting of a sunset in the desert “Desert Sunset”.  It could point the viewer to a meaning in the work that would otherwise remain hidden.  It could be a line of poetry... 

As so often happens with the work itself, the title manifested when I was mentally engaged yet not imposing my own will and desire on it.  Unlike the other possibilities, the title was not “for the viewer” per se, but in a kind of tautological way, like the work itself, was for itself, if that makes any sense.  Like my daughter Sophie, whose name becomes her and who simply is her name, the title of the first serious piece I have made in a good long while references itself in a physical, concrete, and obvious way, yet also speaks to its place and purpose in time.  It is a signpost – a cairn – a reminder for me of what it means to me.  More than that – what it is." 

FAC participates in The Butterflies and Friends Project

Tiger Sunset by Renée Hathcoat

Poppy-llon by Nancy Neale

You may have noticed that art has taken wing in front of the Fine Arts Center at Cascade Avenue and Dale Street.
This FAC is proud to once again participate in The Butterflies and Friends Project. The Rotary Club of Colorado Springs organizes the project to raise awareness and money to promote the arts in area schools.
The two butterflies in front of the FAC – Tiger Sunset and Poppy-llon -- were painted, respectively, by Renée Hathcoat and Nancy Neale.
The butterflies will be auctioned off at the Preview Party and Gala Auction on Oct. 11 at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, where there alsowill be a silent auction and a close-up display of the butterflies.

Jun 2, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Floyd and Clea: The Studebaker

Hear Chris Sheley, the FAC’s production manager, discuss the character that was hardest to cast in Floyd and Clea Under the Western Sky, Floyd's car. This Studebaker Lark plays the character of Maybelle, Floyd's trusty vehicle and temporary home in the show. Since Maybelle is on stage throughout the show, the perfect car had to be found for the part. After finding this rare ‘60s car, the feat of getting it into the Fine Arts Center still remained. Come see Floyd and Clea Under the Western Sky June 12-29 at the Fine Arts Center of Colorado Springs.