Apr 23, 2015

FAC Docents and Staff Trained by Visually Impaired Youth

Exploring our Sense of Touch

Yesterday the FAC was visited by 8 students from the Colorado Springs School for the Deaf and the Blind who trained our docents and staff to work with visually impaired individuals. The students gave great tips such as how to maneuver a visually impaired visitor in tight corners (with the leader, tucking elbow in), doorways (saying whether it opens in or out) and stairs (stopping at the beginning and end). After leading the students around, the docents and staff donned blindfolds and goggles in order to gain a first-hand experience and understanding of what it's like to be visually impaired.

The training took place in our Tactile Gallery, which was established at the FAC in 1981 as one of the first galleries of its kind . In the Tactile Gallery, visitors are encourages to experience art, not only visually, but with their hands. Braille signs and labels giving information about the various works of art are placed in front of each object. In addition, the displays are low enough for children and wheelchair users to reach the art objects and know their essence through the sense of touch.

If you've never checked it out before, the Tactile Gallery is FREE and open to the public - stop in and experience art in a whole new way!

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